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Aviator sunglasses (or the world’s best-selling style of sunglasses)

No accessory has been reborn with more impact thanks to an appearance in a movie than Ray-Ban Aviators. In 1986’s Top Gun student fighter pilots layed by Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer competed to be best in their class. Their Aviator sunglasses sparked massive worlwide sales. Aviators have appeared in other films before and since: […]

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The history of Cazal

CAZAL eyewear has become synonymous with hip-hop fashion. Many of hip-hop’s brightest stars (both past and present) have rocked a pair of CAZALs in their music videos, around town, and virtually anywhere else they go. But, the CAZAL brand did not have a beginning one would most associate with a hip-hop attitude. Although the space-age […]

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If you grew up in the ’80s or ’90s, you probably had a friend or a sibling who wore Rec Specs. That friend or sibling likely used “My glasses broke last time I wore them in a game” as a defense when you inevitably made fun of said spectacles. Rec spec enthusiasts often spent more time […]